Privacy & Policy

For Portrait :-

our portraits are personal product of our costumers so we never share any personal detail of our clients with out permission to any body.

For Travel Comics:-

Travel comics stories always given by our clients and only for make it more attractive, we edit some funny dialogs only on demand. Travel comic is unique and funny comic art .It is a different way for keeping golden memories in comic way so its never make any meaning to hurt of any personal and patriot feeling.

  • Our own side, we remind several time to our client for send photos for portrait and story for comic but it is also up to customers when he send us and contact us. In this case if art work go delay so here is customers duty also to contact us and ask for work process.

  • Although we make and post our work on time and burden of orders-work make post delay. It is our humble request for give us enough time for make art work on time.

  • We make many kind paintings and just in case of emergency, we take other artist help so some of art work here painted by other artist. We believe in team work so all paintings witch shown here not done by totally one person.
    Our portrait and comic work done by yug and other paintings too.

  • We always try best and real old paper. Old paper are rare things and some it’s became out of collection also these are not possible same one in looking. These are different.
    We just use old paper for our work but not we are not old paper experts. Some time paper not comes really. Our main aim is making art work, not old paper selling.

  • Old post card always are back dated paper and we use it as its are. Some are much old and some time less old .There is not possible same looking with writing. As it’s are available, we paint on it

  • Old paper most of the time comes white and we make it darker for make it more impressive and for highlight our art work nicely. After go dark, old paper exposes nice color looking.

  • our colors are best quality water basic poster and pavri color and using golden and silver colors too. Using natural glue with color.Some time we use oil and acrylics color also.
    Only on demand we use real gold for design witch are extra chargeable.

  • In the miniature painting business, subjects are too similar many time. For commercial way, we use popular and demanded subjects so here is possible some paintings match by other artist work. Some time we make edition on our subjects with choice of our clients.

  • Size of art works are limited on old paper and new paper and only on silk and cotton paintings all sizes available. We not give any kind money back guaranty in any case.

  • . we gives strong packing parcel and post service always according to our clients.
    Private couriers and Indian post service, both we use on order. Most of the time we use Indian post service for supply paintings out of country and for national delivery both kind service we use.

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