Whats are the TRAVEL-COMIC ?

Travel comic is comic art work of about your travel which has based on your travel experience. From begin to end of journey, what were your fun and memorial experience which you would like to see and show in your comic. you can write us step by step about your journey as story, send it us with yours photos and we make travel comic.
Travel story is up to your travel that how long it gone and how many pages you need for your comic? In one page, there are 10 to 12 comic frame which are your travel experience. so if you add more page in your comic, charges comes more.

How to Book Travel and Order Travel Comic ?

Write us email and we gives a guide book file and a demo copy with detail of payment system. If you are visiting at our art gallery (yug art).you can book your comic here and via email also you can book your comic.
We take always all kind art work charge and postal charge on advance. Send us your story with your photos and after we are able to make your comic.

What is Miniature Portraits ?

Miniature portraits are Rajasthani style portrait where we make our clients portrait as king and queen with many kind of different back-ground. Our charge is Up to corrector quantity and back ground work and for sizes.
We make portrait on new paper, on old post cards and on old stamp paper. Not on silk or on cotton.

What are the Old Post Card Paintings ?

Old post card paintings are painted on old post cards. Cards are already used but those cards are very rare paper and it show old time date writing and old tickets. These are beautiful with small painting on it which are easy to transport and best for collection .we not make any kind back-ground art work here behind the painting and leave it original

What are the Stamp Paper Paintings ?

Stamp papers are royal state time paper during Maharaja Time. Above the paper, there is seal of which show city name and maharaja logo.
Stamp paper are almost in A4 size and here also we not make so much back-ground art work and leave the paper as it is.

Whats are Old Paper Paintings ?

Old papers paintings are well painted art work on old time paper which has many kind of written text and some blank. Those are Available in small sizes only.

What is Silk and Cotton Paintings ?

Silk paintings are painted on best silk cloth. Some cheep painting on normal silk. Silk is very thin and easy to carry in roll. Specialy only on silk and cotton , possible to make small to large size paintings. Cotton is thick and hard compares to silk but it available in large size and not cost so much.

What kind colors used for Paintings ?

We use best quality water basic poster and paveri colors and mix natural glue with every color so colors stay longer on painting. Only with water color possible to make small detail on painting. We use golden and silver color for designing and Only on demand we use real gold which cost extra.
Some art work also painted with oil-color and acrylic color.

How to keep Painting safe and long last ?

Our paintings are based to water color so we request for keep paintings away from moisture. Use best frame for keep painting life longer.

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