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Artist :-                         Yug Prasad Shop Address :-                         Near Surang Gate,
                        Nahar ka Chouhatta,
                        Bundi (Rajasthan) India-323001
Home address :-                         Chhoti Raj Mata Ji ki Haveli,
                        Ghar ki Paras, Nahar ka Chouhatta,
                        Bundi (Rajasthan) India-323001
Mobile Number :-                         +919928948433
Email :-               

About Artist Yug Prasad

Yug is all rounder artist,he does unique job. He won always first prize in all paintings competition .He done many group art-exhibitions. he is very professional. He has lots of appreciators and fans in all over the national magazine’india-today’ and many news papers has been published his articles Yug is among the most eminent painters practicing in traditional style in India. He is famous for his miniature devotional paintings and his rejuvenation and popularization of classic Rajasthani art, Rajasthani portraits, Travel Comics and cartoons. Yug is a well known Indian artist of miniature Paintings, a form of popular folk Paintings of Rajasthani. Yug has so many fans all over the world, in his face-book account you can talk to any of his costumer. Just go to and type ‘yugartistprasad’ in search option. You can talk to his many fans and costumers. Yug parsad was born in Rajasthan 21 November 1980, and received his M.A. in drawing and Paintings from Kota University. He has a fascination for antiquity. The subject matter may be old-fashioned, but the treatment is Paintings. His work is very much keeping in Rajasthani miniature Paintings. Through his paintings, he pays tribute to our cultural tradition that, he believes, can never be outdated. Blending he past with the present and striking a right balance in the process has helped him in establishing his identity. About his work, fellow Fans has commented "His paintings are very compact; there’s a lot in them: figures, forms, and mythological content. Very colorful too. The forms are carefully constructed; there’s craftsmanship in his work, and skill. Sort of magic mantras and omens appear mysteriously in Yug parsad ''s paintings. His main source of inspiration is ancient old post stamp Paintings, Portraits , silk, carton and Travel Comics Paintings etc and obviously his own state, Rajasthani, which is rich with art traditions.. These frequently appear in his work. Rajasthani Paintings that speak so much of our rich tradition have a pulsating effect on him. He paints for deriving aesthetic pleasure. His work is neither a statement on anything nor it means to fight any notions or traditions.

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